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Show Schedule
(UK GMT times :East +9, EST-5, CET-6, MST-7, PST-8)
Progressive Heaven
12am-6am Above Exclusive shows - West Time Zone (Americas)
6am-12pm Above Exclusive shows - East Time Zone (Australia/East ASIA)
12pm-6pm Above Exclusive shows - Middle East Time Zone (West Asia)
Premiere shows 6pm - 12am
1st weekend:  6 pm TREVOR COOK (Australia) Prog-Classics
                8 pm JACK-B-JACK (Ukraine)   Prog-Breaks
                10pm FRAN ASHRAM (Italy)    Prog-House
2nd weekend  6 pm MARC BROMMEL (UK)           Prog-Classics
                8 pm FRANCO TEJEDOR (Argentina) Prog-House
                10pm STEFAN FLANNERY (UK)       Prog-Classics
3rd weekend  6 pm HERSAIZ (Sri-Lanka)      Prog-House
                8 pm TREVOR COOK (Australia) Prog-Classics
                10pm EQUANOX (UK)            Prog-Trance
Bonus weekend 6 pm Free Slots
                8 pm 
Last weekend  6 pm PLU-TON (Russia)         Prog-Breaks
                8 pm SKYMAN1882 (UK)         Prog-House
                10pm MARC BROMMEL (UK)     Prog-Classics
12am-6am Premiere shows - West Time Zone (Americas)
6am-12pm Premiere shows - East Time Zone (Australia/East ASIA)
12pm-6pm Premiere shows - Middle East Time Zone (West Asia)
6pm +      Above Premiere shows - ON-LOOP / 18 hrs
Monday - Saturday 18:00
AM - PM The Radio will be playing Progressive Heaven mix's 24/7.
           Times as per Sunday shows above ON-LOOP.
Easter Special event        - Easter weekend 19-22nd April 2019
Birthday Event              - 1st weekend of August TBA
Xmas / New Year event(s)  - 27th/28th/29th December 2019-2020 
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